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This program is highly technical and follows an in-depth curriculum which is based on learning proper technique and then driving it into the muscle memory.

The Learning Phase (private lessons only)

The student will learn ten (10) drills.The ten drills encompass all the motions of skating.

Once learned, the student will execute the ten (10) drills in each lesson.†† This is where the studentís skating technique is adjusted and refined.

When the student has finally mastered all the correct motions, they will then enter the Repetition Phase.

The Repetition Phase (private or semi-private lesson)

The Repetition Phase requires the repeating of the correct motion 1000 times.This will drive the correct motion into the muscle memory.

Once this phase is completed, the correct motion will re-emerge from the muscle memory when the skaterís mind is otherwise occupied, i.e. in the case of a game.

The Hockey Phase (private, semi-private, or small group lesson)

Once the studentís technique is locked into the muscle memory, they can then develop their hockey skills.

The student will learn a series of technically correct hockey skills; stickhandling, passing, shooting, deking, moving with the puck, etc.

The Game Phase (group lesson only)

This phase teaches the layout of the ice, passing patterns, division of position responsibilities.This is accomplished in Group lessons with between 6 and 10 students.

This program will bring out the most potential which lies within the student.Conversely, this program will not make a great skater from someone that does not have the innate ability to skate.

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